Our Story

Our Story

Completely renovated in 2017, the Hotel Mercure’s restaurant has a new soul: a spacious and bright room, with a modern and urban decoration that is a reflection to the history of the city and its docks.

The Happy Dock team welcomes you every day of the week, for lunch and dinner.

Chef Fabrice Cappelle revisits the classics of European cuisine with fresh and local products: egg casserole, Happy Dock Burger with Camembert sauce from Normandy, catch of the day from the sea, roasted potatoes with salted butter caramel …
Everything is homemade.

For an aperitif: you can sip cocktails, beers and wines with our charcuterie assortments and AOP cheeses to share.
A pool table and football table are also available for a good time, with family or friends at the Happy Dock.

Our Culinary philosophy in a few words

Quality and accessibility, these are our key words at The Happy Dock! Indeed, our ambition is to offer you a cuisine that is both generous and affordable. We select the best fresh and local products to offer quality cuisine.

We work together with local producers to promote our products and serve a home and seasonal cuisine.

The Team


Passionate, ambitious and full of humor: this is probably what characterizes me the most! My passion for cooking, my many years of experience and my taste for challenges led me to the joysticks of the Happy Dock kitchen. Since my arrival in the adventure, I share my joy and passion in cooking! I enjoy revisiting the classics of European cuisine with a Norman touch. My cuisine is local and seasonal, everything is fresh and homemade, and this is what I like.

The products that I cook do not have any secret for me. You can ask me anything on the culinary theory. I even teach it to the children in extracurricular activities, because I estimate that it is essential to know well the products which one cooks with (their origin, molecular transformations during cooking, pH, etc.). Cooking is both a science and an art!

The restaurant has been completely renovated, the atmosphere is warm: I feel good inside it and it’s a pleasure for me to cook here! My ambition is to make you feel the same pleasure during the tasting. My team and I work diligently to present you the best dishes. All you have to do is come and taste them!

Chef Fabrice Cappelle


Since the begginning of this new adventure named happy Dock, my aim was to open a unique, friendly and greedy place where people of Le Havre can feel home.

Fabrice CAPPELLE, our Chef offers a simple and seasonal cuisine, made with local products.

Happy Dock rewrites the traditional codes as much by its decoration as by the organization of lifestyle events, to be more than a restaurant: a real living place.

Our priority to my team and me, is to make you happy why making us happy too!

Happy Dock - photo directrice - Restaurant Le Havre